Body Shaping

Body shaping has developed leaps and bounds in the past two decades. Patients who are looking to get rid of resistant pockets of fat but are not willing to undergo surgery, can opt for these non surgical fat reduction techniques

We use the top in class radio-frequency machines which are US FDA approved for this procedure. It delivers heat directly to the fatty tissue and disrupts the fat cells and causes them to dissolve. This advanced design of the machine helps to target the fat cells while protecting the surrounding layers of skin which is cooled automatically by air.

Tummy roll and love handles can be targeted with this machine. It also has a dedicated probe for saddle bag on the thighs and the inner thigh to target these difficult to tackle areas with ease. Acoustic wave therapy is also used to reduce the resistant cellulite seen on the outer thigh & tummy, for skin tightening and correcting the uneven tone after lipoplasty surgeries

The patients are expected to use this technologies as a spring board to a healthier lifestyle rather than using it like a quick fix solution to lose the flab. They have to modify their daily routine and include exercise as a part of their daily regimen to prevent recurrence of the fat deposits. Patients with pacemakers, defibrillators or aneurysms are not candidates for radiofrequency treatment

The procedure takes around one hour per session and repeated weekly for 4-6 sessions. Maintenance sessions might be necessary, once in six months. The sessions are painless and well tolerated by most. The sensation of heat may be experienced during the procedure. Daily activities can be resumed immediately after the procedure. Patients will observe a visible decrease in fat bulges in two to four months.