Educational Programme

We have training sessions every month to keep our doctors aware of the most efficient and advanced treatment options available for our patients. The in-house educational programmes held at Cutis covers a wide spectrum of topics dealing with Cutaneous sciences such as:-

  • Biologicals in Psoriasis
  • Pregnancy Dermatoses
  • Organisation of Dermatology clinic
  • Burning issues in private practice
  • Update of topical in psoriasis
  • Topical steroids in dermatology
  • Botox and fillers
  • An update on methotrexate
  • Dermatosurgical Procedures
  • Treatment of alopecia areata in children
  • Application of Botox in dermatology
  • Phototherapy in Dermatology
  • Diagnostic dermatology
  • Fungal infections and antifungal therapy in dermatology
  • Photodermatoses and sunscreens
  • Common skin conditions in children, thinking differently.
  • Unfolding potential of topical retinoids
  • Procedural management of acne.
  • PRP in dermatology
  • Â Acne recent insights
  • Psoriatic Arthritis
  • An approach to Vasculitis
  • HCQS (Hydroxychloroquine) in Dermatology
  • Procedural dermatology outcome
  • Azathioprine in dermatology
  • Minocycline Vs OMP in treatment of vitiligo
  • Whats new in Melasma Management

We also conduct training programes for aspiring dermatologists to get hands-on experience with state of the art laser equipments; botox and fillers; body and face sculpting; and various other aspects of laser treatments and procedural dermatology. The trainees can also benefit from spacious operating theaters to learn scar revision, hair transplant, vitiligo surgery etc.

Some of the feedback we received for our training programme are:

  • “One platform for all procedures, best place to learn at short time”
  • “Co-operation and willingness of the faculties in clarifying the queries”
  • “Tips given by the faculty in each procedure is excellent, especially Dr Chandrashekar’s tips to establish lasers for beginners, excellent.”
  • “Regarding this training, best part was that they teach you very practical things. It was the best.”
  • “All practical tips and practice methods were very good”
  • “Knowledge shared by the trainers is excellent and very modest towards training.”