We have training sessions every month to keep our doctors aware of the most efficient and advanced treatment options available for our patients. The in-house educational programmes held at Cutis covers a wide spectrum  of topics dealing with Cutaneous sciences such as:-

  • Biologicals in Psoriasis
  • Pregnancy Dermatoses
  • Organisation of Dermatology clinic
  • Burning issues in private practice
  • Update of topical in psoriasis
  • Topical steroids in dermatology
  • Botox and fillers
  • An update on methotrexate
  • Dermatosurgical Procedures
  • Treatment of alopecia areata in children
  • Application of Botox in dermatology
  • Phototherapy in Dermatology
  • Diagnostic dermatology
  • Fungal infections and antifungal therapy in dermatology
  • Photodermatoses and sunscreens
  • Common skin conditions in children, thinking differently.
  • Unfolding potential of topical retinoids
  • Procedural management of acne.
  • PRP in dermatology
  • Â Acne recent insights
  • Psoriatic Arthritis
  • An approach to Vasculitis
  • HCQS (Hydroxychloroquine) in Dermatology
  • Procedural dermatology outcome
  • Azathioprine in dermatology
  • Minocycline Vs OMP in treatment of vitiligo
  • Whats new in Melama Management

We also conduct training programmes for aspiring dermatologists to get hands on experience with state of the art laser equipments; botox and fillers; body and face sculpting; and various other aspects of laser treatments and procedural dermatology . The trainees can also benefit from spacious operating theaters to learn scar revision, hair transplant, vitiligo surgery etc. Some of the feedbacks we received for our training programme are:

  • “One platform for all procedures, best place to learn at short time”
  • “Co-operation and willingness of the faculties in clarifying the queries”
  • “Tips given by the faculty in each procedure is excellent, especially Dr Chandrashekar’s tips to establish lasers for beginners, excellent.”
  • "Regarding this training, best part was that they teach you very practical things. It was the best."
  • "All practical tips and practice methods were very good"
  • “Knowledge shared by the trainers is excellent and very modest towards training.”


Course Number Of Seats Duration
Dermatosurgery 02 One Year
Aesthetic Dermatology 02 One Year
Pediatric Dermatology 02 One Year
There are two academic sessions every year (Jan/July) The next academic session for 2017-18 will commence in Jan 2018
Admission Procedure:

These courses are affiliated RGUHS. Admission procedure is through advertisement for application from eligible candidates, written in MCQ format and interview with screening from expert committee for selection of successful candidates.

Fellowship Eligibility :
01 2 Seats in each Fellowship Institutional Candidates should send their application through proper channel
02 Duration of the course One Year
03 Working Hours Monday to Friday : 9AM- 2PM, 5PM - 8PMSaturday 9AM - 3PM
04 Eligibility MD/ DVD Recognized by MCI. Preference will be given for candidates having 3 year experience after post graduation. If MD Candidate is not available the candidate with diploma having over one year of teaching / clinical practice experience will be considered for selection to the fellowship programme.
Fellowship Syllabus
Dermatosurgery Training Aesthetic Dermatology Dermatogy Training
Basic Dermatosurgery
  • Mole surgery
  • Keloid Surgery
  • Cyst & Lipoma Excision
  • Cryo surgery
Consultation in Aesthetic practice Basic cosmetology
  • Chemical Peels – Basic and Advanced
  • Radio Surgery for DPN, Moles
  • Dermaroller / Microneedling
  • Microdermabrasion
Laser & Light device Ablative, Fractional, Hair removal, pigment & vascular lasers Advances Cosmetology
  • Laser and Light devices – Ablative, Fractional, Hair removal, Pigment & Vascular lasers
  • Injectable – Dermal Fillers and Botulinum toxin
  • Dermaroller / Microneedling
  • Facial rejuvenation - Photofacial, Vampire Lift, RF tightening, Thread lift
Specific Dermatosurgery
  • Vitiligo Surgery
  • Nail Surgery
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Aune scar revision
Basic Surgeries
  • Surgery for active acne and acne scars
  • Mole surgery & Ear lobe repair
  • Ear and Nose piercing
Advanced Dermatosurgery
  • Scar revision
  • Flap surgery
  • Grafting
  • Autologous fat transfet
  • Hair Transplantation
  • Platelat rich plasma
  • Injectbles
  • Micropigmentation
Much more……..
  • Micropigmentation
  • Platelet rich plasma
Much more……..
Learning Objectives
Aesthetic Dermatology
  • The felloship student will be taught skills in Aesthetic and clinical dermatology consultation. It would include postings in Medical Trichology, Face clinic and Dermatosurgery clinic
  • They will be able to perform basic cosmetology procedures such as Chemical peels, Radio Surgery, Microneedling, Platelet rich plasma aand Microdermabrasion with confidence.
  • They will be able to learn and completely understand the various Lasers and light devices including ablative, Fractional, Hair removal, Pigment and Vascular lasers.
  • Focused training on facial rejuvenation procedures such as Mesobotox, Vampire lift, Radiofrequency facial tightening and Injectables (Dermal Fillers and Botulinum toxin). Hands on training sessions will be conducted periodically.
  • They will be sensitized on basic surgeries jand able to perform Ear lobe repair, Mole surgery, Acne scar surgery and Ear and Nose piercing.
  • The fellowship students will be able to identify the gaps in their understandings and performance based on teachng and training sessions.
  • The knowledge gainedn will bridge those gaps to reduce complication and improve clinical outcome leading to better patient care
  • One year of fellowship in Dermatosurgery is a comprehensive coaching programme that includes hands on training in Basic Dermatosurgery, Laser and light devices, Specific and Advanced Dermatosurgery.
  • Basic Dermatosurgery includes performing mole surgeries (complete/ serial excision), keloid surgeries (debulking /excision / Autoflap), cyst, lipoma and other excision surgeries, radiosurgery and cryosurgery.
  • Training in Laser and light devices include Ablative and Fractional lasers for scars (acne scars/ post traumatic scars), various benign tumours and skin resurfacing; Hair removal lasers for hirsutism, acne keloidalis nuchae, etc; Pigment lasers for nevus, tattoo removal, freckles and various other indications; Vascular lasers for haemangiomas, rosacea, etc.
  • Specific Dermatosurgery includes performing Vitiligo surgeries like mini punch grafting with power punches epidermal cell suspension, melanocyte culture and suction blister grafting; Nail surgeries (complete/ partial nail avulsion, biopsy); Sclerotherapy for varicose veins; various acne scar revision surgeries (excision and grafting/ subcision).
  • Advanced Dermatosurgery includes Scar revision surgery, Flap surgery, Skin grafting, Autologous fat transfer and Hair transplantation (Follicular unit transplantation/ Follicular unit extraction/ Body hair transplantation/ Aesthetic enhancement of eyebrows/ Beard and moustache reconstruction, etc).
  • Fellowship students also acquire practicing skills in running a Clinical Dermatology, Trichology, Dermatosurgery and Hair transplantation clinic.
  • They will be sensitized in Aesthetic procedures like Botulinum toxin, Fillers, Thread lifts with focus training and hands on sessions.
  • At the end of the Fellowship programme one can confidently perform all the procedures on his/ her own with maximum skill and precision.
  • There will be ample opportunity to have publications in various journals, to contribute chapters to textbooks and to be a part of various research activities.
  • This one year programme is a complete learning of Dermatosurgery, Aesthetic surgery, Trichology and Clinical practising skills provided all under one roof.
Mode of applying:

Visit website www.cutis.org.in for application format, Apply with Bio-data, relevant certificates and duly filled application. The duly filled application should reach to CUTIS Academy of Cutaneous sciences, Bangalore in person or by registered post in a sealed cover with a DD of Rs 4000 in the name of CUTIS. The candidate should super scribe on the envelope as application for fellowship programme in the subject of Dermatosurgery or Aesthetic Dermatology for the year July 2016 batch.

Course Number Of Seats Duration
Observership 02 Nov-Jan
Observership 02 Feb-April
Observership 02 May-July
Observership 02 Aug-Oct

To enroll for observership programme at CUTIS Academy of Cutaneous sciences Resume/CV should be forwarded in advance.